Memory Cleaner Mod

Today, we will introduce to you guys an useful mod called Memory Cleaner for Minecraft 1.8 . This is absolutely a best mod for players who always mod their Minecraft game, this Memory Cleaner mod is a powerful tool that gets ride of unused variables, bad coding and garbage data to speed up your game

Obsidian Utilities Mod

With this Obsidian Utilities Mod, the black shiny rocks made by combining water with lava now have another uses than just creating normal nether portals. In addition to a complete set of items, including axe, hoe, pickaxe, .. this mod brings to players a brand new set of armor. The outstanding feature of this Obsidian

Inventory Tweaks Mod

There are so many things that Minecraft players collect while digging, mining, or killing the mobs all end up in the player’s inventory! From newbie to advanced players, everybody know this could be a huge mess! As we can see, sorting things is such a time-consuming task that many players tend to dump what they

PaintBall Mod

This Paintball mod is a mod which includes a few characteristics and capacities that reproduce the large amount of cherished and look alike a game call “Paintballing” in real life. This Paintball mod includes some protection sets, a lot of gears such as new weapons, banners, and paintball pellets. If you play this mod in

Frozencraft Mod

Have you ever watched the most famous animation movie called Frozen from Disney ?? I think the answer is yes, or less, you could hear about it several times. So today, we will present to you guys a mod called Frozencraft, you might really like it !! It not only add a number of familiar

Texture pack request

Could somebody please make me a realistic but 128×128 being the highest res and 16×16 being lowest? I want a texture pack that makes mining fun, so ores that reflect light form torches with optifine, 3d if you can, but its fine it not, and materials for every block underground if you can. Its okay

New to Minecraft

So I’ve played Minecraft before so I get the whole idea. But I just bought it on ps4 and I’m hooked again. I’m playing survival mode on hard and it’s super fine and very different from Minecraft servers. But there are some strange things, like for example why does my health bar keep going down

All villagers died?!

I’ve finally started playing Minecraft again, and I created a new survival world and lucky for me I spawned very close to a small village. There were a lot of villagers wandering there, I clearly remember some had very good trades that I wanted to save for later. However, after some time when I was