Frozencraft Mod

Have you ever watched the most famous animation movie called Frozen from Disney ?? I think the answer is yes, or less, you could hear about it several times. So today, we will present to you guys a mod called Frozencraft, you might really like it !! It not only add a number of familiar characters from the original movie to your Minecraft world, but it also contains familiar quotes from each characters while playing, all you need to do is just walking up and clicking these characters !! Furthermore, this mod brings many unique armor sets as well, these things will help you to look like a number of different Frozen characters, but not all of them are cosmetic. For example, you can have a dress and garb like the one which Elsa – main character – wore in the movie, of course, allows you to throw snowballs, easily walk on both water and java, and more!

Beside all the new mobs and equipment, you will get a lot of new items, many of which are needed to craft the new gear. As result, you’ll be killing a lot of new custom mobs if you want to collect new material to deck yourself out in proper Frozen attire as well. By the way, this Frozencraft mod manages to not breaking the balance of the game though adding a lot of items, mobs, … All in all, the Frozencraft is worth checking out. So hope you guys will enjoy this mod!