PaintBall Mod

This Paintball mod is a mod which includes a few characteristics and capacities that reproduce the large amount of cherished and look alike a game call “Paintballing” in real life. This Paintball mod includes some protection sets, a lot of gears such as new weapons, banners, and paintball pellets. If you play this mod in single-player mode, you could harm and murder the animals, mobs, … with these tools. But we suggest you guys playing this mod in Multiplayer mode because there are so much fun when enjoy this mod with your friends!

The best feature of this Paintball mod is the sets of armor. The reason is: they are made in the same path, aside from with hued downy to show what protection color you try to get. Furthermore, you can make a group signal for your own group by a consolidating stick, three pieces of stone and shaded downy. Moreover, you can make weapon by using iron, pellets and stays !! By the way, health pack could be made with a fruit and squares of shaded downy too!