Inventory Tweaks Mod

There are so many things that Minecraft players collect while digging, mining, or killing the mobs all end up in the player’s inventory! From newbie to advanced players, everybody know this could be a huge mess! As we can see, sorting things is such a time-consuming task that many players tend to dump what they have into a box and never open it again! Today, we present to you guys an useful mod called Inventory Tweaks. This Inventory Tweaks mod is a perfect solution for players who are tired of hand-sorting and wasting a lot of time to manage their goods from their inventory. It does save time for the player, in a single click instead of repeat that button a thousand times!

This mod allows players to set up conditions and parameters, keeping the player’s inventory sorted. Another feature of this mod is it automatically loads items into the player’s hotkey bar when space becomes empty. For example, while you building a house using cobblestone and you have several stacks of them in your inventory, when one stack runs out, this mod will automatically refill with another stack of cobble so you can continue to finish your house. This task save players a lot of time!

Furthermore, if you tools are broken due to use, they will be replaced with a new tool from the player’s inventory, if they have extra tool as well. In general, this Inventory Tweaks mod does save a lot of time for Minecraft players! So hope you guys will enjoy this mod!