Obsidian Utilities Mod

With this Obsidian Utilities Mod, the black shiny rocks made by combining water with lava now have another uses than just creating normal nether portals. In addition to a complete set of items, including axe, hoe, pickaxe, .. this mod brings to players a brand new set of armor. The outstanding feature of this Obsidian Utilities Mod is: all of the items are purple-black color, they look alike the obsidian in Minecraft’s World. All you need to do is smelt the bricks you’ve mine into obsidian ingots, after that, you could use them like ingots of any other kind of metal. Of course, you can’t make your gear by raw obsidian though!

The thing is: this type of armor lasts as long as diamond gear, but since obsidian is so much easier to find, now, you can save your diamonds for more important uses. For example, you must find three diamonds first so now, you can actually mine the obsidian, but that is so much better than digging 24 diamonds to make a full set of armor. The swords and other items, nevertheless, do not last as long as diamond varieties, so we suggest you guys would be better off using your obsidian to make armor rather than tools.

This Obsidian Utilities Mod is a simple mod and it doesn’t add anything else to the game. This mod is very useful for players who enjoy Hardcore mode and looking for extra edge they can get on the game. After all, we think you guys should check out this mod, It’s very awesome!