Memory Cleaner Mod

Today, we will introduce to you guys an useful mod called Memory Cleaner for Minecraft 1.8 . This is absolutely a best mod for players who always mod their Minecraft game, this Memory Cleaner mod is a powerful tool that gets ride of unused variables, bad coding and garbage data to speed up your game performance. This is a very new mod and still in development but it worth checking out for sure. Other mod working like this one can do a lot of harm to a Minecraft install, but don’t worry, with this Memory Cleander mod, they are reduced and no more game-breaking buggy things . And the best thing of this mod is it very easy to use, everyone can use it even with no knowledge about Java or coding problem.

This Memory Cleaner is relatively light. Of course, it doesn’t contain any items, blocks, updated GUIs or anything. It’s just a config file that help you to make the Memory Cleaner mod run on a schedule you want it to, cleaning as usual and deep as you expect. For detail, this mod works with both the most recent version of Minecraft 1.8 and 1.7 too. And this Memory Cleaner mod could be edited while in game, by using a list of commands added by the mod. The main process of this mod is using Java’s Garbage Collector feature which deletes unused variables and bad coding.