Minecraft 1.14 Village updates are just bad!

19th Dec, 2022

Minecraft 1.14 Village updates are just bad!

The villages are incredibly buggy and non-functional in Minecraft 1.14, with villagers being terrible at pathfinding, they often getting “lost” from their occupation zone or sometimes wandering far out of the village at night.

Often times hostile mobs don't even bother them at all, villager “reputation” is not only hard to track but also ridiculously silly to cheese.

Killing a villager won't lower it at all, but if you hit one once then your trades are messed up forever and iron golem spawning is just terrible, usually if there's water nearby they spawn in it and get stuck for extended periods of time.

It's really disappointing Tango Tek made villages and villagers more dynamic and fun in about a year by himself while mojang did basically nothing but make a Huge buggy mess.

Hopefully Minecraft 1.14.1 will be better!