Minecraft 1.14 Village updates are just bad!

The villages are incredibly buggy and non-functional in Minecraft 1.14, with villagers being terrible at pathfinding, they often getting “lost” from their occupation zone or sometimes wandering far out of the village at night. Often times hostile mobs don’t even bother them at all, villager “reputation” is not only hard to track but also ridiculously

Can’t break anything near by base?

I’m playing in a Minecraft server and then this happened. No idea why. I’ve been building there fine for a couple days. It MAY have something to do with me destroying a temporary bed I was using and then dying, but I’m not sure if it started after that. I can build fine about 15

PlotSquared Update / Minecraft 1.13

Hello, here is a little update :laughing: PlotSquared 4.0 was released recently (see #updates) for 1.13. This is the main focus for the PlotSquared team. We still support the legacy branch (<1.12), but we are most likely not going to add new features to the legacy branch anytime soon. As of now, both the Sponge

Remove wandering trader lead drop

Title says it. If you kill a wandering trader, or the llama falls in a pit, or the trader/a llama walks into the nether portal, it drops a lead This is of course a rare item, and I got four of them because of this. I think this removes the function of going to swamps